Friday, February 1, 2013

Orca Border

These images were made as I was trying to create a page border for my upcoming book Salmone Frushdie and the Fisherman's Hook.

Orca Border
 High details to do a border like that were not of great importance. The border above this text is actually pretty good. If you scroll down to see the painting from which it was made, you can see it is not of great quality.

I think the purpose of this quick exercise with an end in mind worked out pretty well. For the books that I have worked on over the last four years or so I have mostly depended on other artists to create the images. Now I'm working on at least doing some of the work myself for the finished product. I don't know think of myself as being good enough for real illustrations, but one must start somewhere.

Orca, Octopus, Fishing Boat, and Salmon

Red's Fishing Boat

As I mentioned, this is the painting that ended up making the decoration for a page in my book.

Fish Hook

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