Monday, February 4, 2013

Mountain Flower and Girl

So, this painting was completed February 17, 2013.

Mountain Flower and Girl
 It has already been sold for $125 to the owner of the MAB studio. That's pretty cool... it ends up paying for my classes, which is nice. I decided to simplify the painting. I stole some ideas from other similar sketches to help me with the hands and I changed the central eye into a nose, which is from a different sketch. Anyways, so this is a painting with parts from many different paintings. It was kind of fun to do, but more than anything I'm glad it's got a home.
This is the sketch upon which the painting is based:


And then this is the painting. Looking at the sketch now, I can see I probably should have brought it in when I started painting it. I did most of it at the art studio in North Vancouver. When I brought the canvas board, I had thought it was blank, but I had already started to paint this and had forgotten about it. Some of the symmetry I like a lot better in this sketch than I do in the painting.
Oddly enough, the painting seems more like this sketch:

But, in many ways, I like the symmetry of this one better. In any case, below is the painting in its current stage of progress.

Girl in Mountains with Flower

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