Friday, February 1, 2013

Best Sketches Dec '12-Jan '13

I believe this abstract cubist sketch is my favourite.

These sketches were made between December 2012 and January 2013. As can be plainly seen, I started playing with transposing the eyes with the breasts. If eyes were breasts and breasts were eyes, would men be more likely to ogle the eyes and avoid breast contact?

Fair warning: Not all images in this post contain nudes. I decided to play around with sketching flowers all by themselves and quite possibly in 'realist' non suggestive arrangements.

Girl with Flower

Girl with Thighs

Angry Clown Face

Thigh Hair Face Eyes

Girl Sitting

Girl Next to Plant


Breast Ahoy

Will You Marry Me?

Pair of Flowers

A Rose

More Clown Face

More Flowers


Eyes See You

Girl in Markers

Girl Sitting

Girl Sitting

Taking Lines to the Extreme

Figure Face

Girl Sitting

 This sketch was actually done on two separate sheets of paper. There were more, but I don't know where the others went. Also, they did little to add to the image. Thus, I do not really mind losing them. These sketches are being reproduced in a painting that I worked on at an art class at MAB Ventures. They had a good Groupon which made the classes inexpensive. I will be going tomorrow (February 2).

Mad Clown Face
 This continued with my study of the idea, but with coloured markers. The idea of adding coloured markers is to help me figure out the colours I ought to use should I choose to paint it.

Cam Girl on Display
 Sometimes I find models on Warning: this is an adult website. It's easy to find images online of women in a variety of poses. But getting one for a live session is not so easy nor is it inexpensive. While there is somewhere to go in Vancouver, just using the transportation system to get there costs $5.50 each way. So it's $11 to get there and back, and I think $15 for the session. On the weekends, it's not so expensive. One day I will go... so I keep telling myself.

Girl with Pet

Cubist Experiment

Cam Girl on Display 2

Pixel Nymph Sketch
 This sketch has been painted. The painting is nearly finished, but may not be finished for awhile. Taking anything across the 100th yard line for the goal is an epidemic problem I have that affects me in many disciplines.

Jaz in Cubes

Jaz Asleep

Jaz Awake

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  1. Is it possible to communicate with you? I would like to use one of your paintings.