Sunday, December 5, 2010

Primitive Man - Illustration Friday

Caveman Paintings

After some searching, I found what's new to me the website called Illustration Friday. The topic for the week is "Primitive Art". With that topic in mind, I put together several 'primitive' pieces and these three posts are the 'best of' what I came up with.

These are all watered down acrylics on one of my croquis sketchbooks. I used burnt sienna, magenta, and yellow ochre as my colours.

I can't help but wonder of the genius that inspired the very first artist to pick up the 'brush' or perhaps tufted tail of some slain beast dipped in blood. But whatever of it, it is hard to contemplate the importance of that individual.

War Party

There's no party like a war party. The passion of life and death on the blunt or sharp end I'd wager was what inspired early paintings on the cave walls.

I don't know precisely what weapons the cavemen would have wielded, but surely clubs and spears were the technologies of the day.

Pigment to My Love

I don't know how primitive lovers might have painted their mistresses. Did they paint them on cave walls, or were those reserved for the bloodier deeds?

Perhaps this would have been the primitive 'Helen' for whom a thousand club wielding cavemen would have fought.
Holy Cow

Perhaps it was a bunch of hungry cavemen who sat in a cave who painted the bovine to help inspire them to the hunt.

Primitive Farewell

Well, that's the end of my contribution to primitive art.
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