Monday, December 13, 2010

Black & White: Creative Challenge 131

This post is my contribution to Creative Challenge 131.

The challenge was to post a work of art in black and white. So, these are the best images I came up with in the spirit of the challenge. All images are watered down acrylics (black and white obviously) on sketch books.

The first batch that I did I simply lathered some quick strokes of black paint in the middle. Then I tried to find the image in some of them. This was one of those, and by far my favourite.

 This is the other that I like quite a bit. This is the other good one where I was able to find the image in the random swathing of black paint. That's why the face is further down and partly cut off.

I recently read in The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed, and he really hammered away the idea of how confining and unforgiving those four borders are on a given rectangle. I think this painting may have suffered for it.

This last one is a self portrait. I did two of them, and this one is not entirely accurate. I am not one of those painters with the skill to make a photographic quality painting. I can live with that, though.

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