Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Writer's Block - Finding Balance

Latest in my "Writer's Block" series.
This post is based on Creative Challenge number 133. The challenge was to come up with something involving the word, 'balance.' This is what I came up with.

Finding balance between the art of writing and living is a difficult one to maintain. It seems to me that major shakeups in a life can stop a good project dead in its tracks. Take for instance last year when I went back to my mother's home for a visit. I simply lost control of the project and I never wrote another word.

While at work I was writing in my notebooks every day. I drew fairly close to the completion of a novel called, "Northern Lights: Medical Emergency." When I got to my mother's home, it completely upset this rhythm. I'm still struggling to find it. Though, at the very least, this week I began constructing the final setting for the finale of my book.

In any case, the image I painted is supposed to indicate the difficulty in writing and maintaining the balance of life, while the consequences of losing that balance are borne not only by the writer, but the writer's family: in my case, my wife.
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